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My web site is here to provide you with a web based enhanced version of my resume and more.  Discover all of the glowing recommendations I’ve received from colleagues, the many articles, books and columns that I’ve published, learn how I created this web site, and much more.

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Be sure to visit my blog AdamsAndBits.com and learn more about my Agile and Scrum expertise in the Agile section of my blog.


Discover all the details of the wonderful recommendations I’ve received from colleagues (thanks everyone) in the Recommendations section. Here are some brief quotes from them.

Kevin Davis
Application Engineering Manager / Adobe

... the teams had made significant progress toward agile adoption, and were seeing many of the benefits ... I recommend Ken to any team looking to transition to agile processes, or struggling with lack of predictability in delivery.

Scott Davis
Director of Engineering QA / Ivanti - Heat Software

... worked extensively with Ken in transforming our cloud testing capabilities, and implementing a Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery [CI/CD - DevOps] ... Ken’s role in that major transformation was vital to our success.

Prajval Parthasarathy
Chief Product Officer / Ivanti - Heat Software

Ken has the deepest passion for “all things agile” and was a great partner to the engineering leadership ... I would highly recommend Ken to any development organization looking for leadership to get to the next level of agility.

Joshua Wong
Senior Engineering Manager / Apple

... he is caring and passionate, and such personality showed through in his team work ... I valued his partnership ...

Ken Folsom
Director of QA & Shared Services / Ivanti - Heat Software

Ken has great knowledge of agile, Scrum, CI/CD [DevOps] ... Ken is a true agile practitioner who embodies the spirit of individuals and interactions over those processes and tools.

Chris Andrew
Senior Director of Software Engineering / Ivanti - Heat Software

Ken is a very strong Agile process engineer with great insights on how to scale agile across a large software development environment. ... Enjoyed working with him!

James DonFrancesco
Group Program Manager / Apple

His professionalism and drive were two things that led me to bring him on board. I would recommend Ken to any team that is looking for someone who really understands Agile ...

Larry Apke
Agile Coach / Apple

...his desire to bring the benefits of Agile to those he works with sets him apart.

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Career Objective

My immediate career objective is to take on a leadership position in the software development space utilizing Agile software development and the Scrum framework, in the role of Agile Coach / Scrum Coach / Agile Transformation Lead, engineering manager, program manager/project manager or Scrum Master working on market leading products. 

Professional Summary

I have extensive expertise in project management, product management and product development, team leadership, business and technology strategy development and implementation, systems architecture, software development and systems implementation with many technologies and I hold many IT industry certifications in IT management and technology.

I have an extensive technology and management background that is particularly well suited for software development of web, mobile and cloud applications.  Check out the Key Skills and Technologies sections for more details.

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